Is It You Parents 60th Wedding Anniversary? Tips To Make This A Special Day For Them

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Is It You Parents 60th Wedding Anniversary? Tips To Make This A Special Day For Them

26 April 2016
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Getting through 60 years of marriage is a feat in itself, and you should help your parent's celebrate this important milestone in their life. To help you out, below are some tips on how to make this a very special day for both of them.


The traditional gift for a 60th wedding anniversary is the diamond. Diamonds are expensive so if you cannot afford this, there are many other types of gifts you can give them. If it is in your budget, send your parents to a resort. Look for resorts that are only for adults to ensure it is peaceful and quiet. If your parents are active people, there are resorts that offer things like golf, tennis, and sailing. To help your parents feel relaxed while on their trip, find resorts that have daily spa treatments. 

There are other less expensive gifts you can give your parents. One very special gift is a memory quilt. Gather together photographs of your parents throughout their life starting when they first started dating up until their current age. If there are grandkids, make sure you include pictures of them as well as you and your brothers and/or sisters.  If you are not a quilt maker, you can hire someone to make the memory quilt for you.

Make your parents an anniversary book. You could use a photo album and put a variety of pictures of them and the rest of the family. You and your brothers and sisters should get together and write your parents a loving letter to place on the first page of the book. Talk about memories you shared together and why they were such great parents.

Video Service

To help your parents remember this day, hire a video service company to video the entire party. The person taking the videos will be an expert in capturing memories.

Before you hire a company to do this for you, ask them to show you previous videos they made for other people. Most of them will already provide you with examples on their website. Look at each video to give you a good idea of their quality of work. Ask if they can provide you with editing services in case you need to edit some things out of the video.

Talk with them about what you expect of them and the end result of the video. It is much easier to use a video service than it is to do this yourself. If you choose to do this, it would take a lot of your time away from your parents.

Follow these tips so your parents will have a great time at their 60th wedding anniversary party.

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