Finding The Right Audio Visual Equipment

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Finding The Right Audio Visual Equipment

Few things are more frustrating than investing a lot of money into home improvements, only to find out that your investments weren't as sound as you originally thought they were. For example, I purchased what I thought was a really high-end sound system a few years ago, only to discover that the speakers produced dull, boring music. To make things right, I started researching audio-visual equipment and looking for ways to make things right. I was able to invest in better products, and it has impacted our experience for the better. This blog is all about finding better audio-visual equipment.


Is An Articulating Borescope Right For You Plumbing Business?

25 May 2016
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When you own and operate your own plumbing business, you may find yourself wondering if you can and should upgrade the equipment that you use on a regular basis. Because of this, you might find yourself considering whether or not to purchase and use an articulating borescope in your plumbing business. In order to make the right decision for you and your plumbing business, you need to get to know more about the articulating borescope and what it can do for your business operations. Read More …

Is It You Parents 60th Wedding Anniversary? Tips To Make This A Special Day For Them

26 April 2016
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Getting through 60 years of marriage is a feat in itself, and you should help your parent's celebrate this important milestone in their life. To help you out, below are some tips on how to make this a very special day for both of them. Gifts The traditional gift for a 60th wedding anniversary is the diamond. Diamonds are expensive so if you cannot afford this, there are many other types of gifts you can give them. Read More …

Returning To Your Roots: Why Fellow Videographers Are Going Home To Shoot Movies And Why You May Want To Too

15 April 2016
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Many videographers and filmmakers are returning to their hometowns to shoot films. It is an increasingly popular trend, because most of these filmmakers/videographers are finding that their hometowns offer many venues in which to shoot a film, and there are any number of local stories and story angles to tell through film. If you are a videographer or filmmaker and you are feeling drawn to follow this trend and return to your roots, here are some other encouraging reasons why you may want to do so. Read More …

Some Home Automation Technologies That Are Ideal For Households With Teenagers

11 April 2016
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Smart home technologies are becoming more and more advanced. With certain features, you can do simple tasks with the push of a button. For instance, you can close a window, turn on a light, arm a security system or power on the AC system. To some homeowners these automation seem like unnecessary luxuries, since these are tasks that can be done with ease. But full home automation systems allow you to do much more than just these simple tasks. Read More …