Returning To Your Roots: Why Fellow Videographers Are Going Home To Shoot Movies And Why You May Want To Too

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Returning To Your Roots: Why Fellow Videographers Are Going Home To Shoot Movies And Why You May Want To Too

15 April 2016
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Many videographers and filmmakers are returning to their hometowns to shoot films. It is an increasingly popular trend, because most of these filmmakers/videographers are finding that their hometowns offer many venues in which to shoot a film, and there are any number of local stories and story angles to tell through film. If you are a videographer or filmmaker and you are feeling drawn to follow this trend and return to your roots, here are some other encouraging reasons why you may want to do so.

Reason #1: You May Learn a Lot about Your Hometown That You Never Knew Before

Some people can grow up in a city or town and never learn a thing about how their cities and towns were founded and developed. This is not only your opportunity to tell a hometown, human interest story through your lens, but also a chance to grow closer to the people and places of your birth. For some videographers and filmmakers, this a time of reflection and a chance to reconnect to family, friends and themselves. It may help you in your career if you are feeling especially burnt-out or lacking in the creative juices needed to keep making bigger Hollywood productions.

Reason #2: Low Budget, High Interest

Local films are often associated with low budgets and low production costs. You are not trying to create any big, flashy special effects nor do you have to apply for permits that allow you to close off city traffic or blow things up. These films are often shot from a historical perspective or a local folklore angle, and they create high interest because the locals are curious to see what you are filming and how you portrayed their city. Because it is also your city, you know enough about it to film it in a very truthful and accurate way, which also makes your "roots" film more compelling and believable to the viewers.

Reason #3: Some Cities Offer Tax Breaks to Filmmakers and Videographers

If having an inexpensive film budget was not already a draw for you, some cities actually offer tax breaks and incentives to film your movies there. You will have to check with your hometown's Chamber of Commerce to see if these tax breaks and incentives are offered where you grew up. Then you will need to apply for these breaks and/or incentives before you begin shooting your movie.

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