Some Home Automation Technologies That Are Ideal For Households With Teenagers

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Some Home Automation Technologies That Are Ideal For Households With Teenagers

11 April 2016
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Smart home technologies are becoming more and more advanced. With certain features, you can do simple tasks with the push of a button. For instance, you can close a window, turn on a light, arm a security system or power on the AC system. To some homeowners these automation seem like unnecessary luxuries, since these are tasks that can be done with ease. But full home automation systems allow you to do much more than just these simple tasks. In fact, they allow you to do things that were never possible before. This article will explain some of the best features of full home automation. The particular features discussed are especially useful for homeowners who have children in the house.

Security Monitoring

Smart home automation allows much more technical and advanced access and monitoring of your window and door fixtures. An app on your smart phone or tablet can give you real time information about any equipped window. For instance, you can see the exact time that a window or door is opened. This allows you to easily monitor when and where you children leave. Best of all, you can access this info when you are not even at the house.

In fact, you can access them wherever you have an internet connection... so, basically, anywhere. This offers great peace of mind to parents that travel or work long hours. Some home automation apps even allow check-in and check-out interfaces. These features are not only meant to keep an eye on your kids when you are not around; they also offer great protection by monitoring for intrusions, identity theft and break-ins.

Power and Internet Control

Parents are obviously concerned with what their children are browsing. Of course, you can set up firewalls that block access to restricted content. But, home automation also allows you to monitor the time your children are on the internet. Not only can you set cut-off times when the power to a certain computer is instantly turned off. You can also set a timer for a maximum amount of internet browsing within a certain time period. This is a great way to decrease over-browsing or prevent your children from playing video games late into the night.

You might not be able to be around for every moment your kids are home. But, with full home automation, you can rest assured that everything will be closely monitored when you are away. Contact a company like Evolution Audio Video for more information.